Department of General Surgery and Clinical Nutrition

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The clinic conducted medical activity based on agreement between Warsaw Medical University and  Professor W. Orłowski Hospital within the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Surgery.

At the clinic complex nutrition, metabolic and surgical treatment of the patients is conducted.

The clinical patients suffered from:
            a short bowel syndrome
            Crohn's disease
            occlusion syndrome
            inflammatory bowel diseases
            other postoperative complications
            disorders of absorption
            malnutrition syndrome and cachexia
            oncological diseases

The clinic conducts nutritional and surgical treatment followed by comprehensive diagnostics of these patients.

Performed operations:
            Radical and palliative surgical treatment.
            Full range of surgical and surgical operations in general, gastroenterological and oncological surgery, with particular emphasis on surgery of gastrointestinal malignancies.
            Endoscopic imaging of advanced esophageal cancers
            Laparoscopic surgery.

Within the hospital ward the out-patient clinic functions. It is open  for those patients who are fed parenterally and enterally at home.