History of the Clinic

In 1986 on the initiative of prof. Bruno Szczygieł and his associates was created the Department of Gastroenterology and Gastroenterology and Section of Clinical nutrition of polish society of physitions. Among the founding members od the section were prof. Janusz Książyk, prof. Marek Pertkiewicz and dr Teresa Korta. This section was transformed into the Polish Society of Parenteral and Enteral Food (POLSPEN) in 1998 a member of ESPEN. The President of the Main Board of the term 1998 - 2002 was prof. B. Szczygieł. In the years 2002 - 2010, for the next two terms of office, the President was prof. M. Pertkiewicz.

The activity was based on the treatment, as well as the organization courses , trainings and lectures on nutritional treatment. Regular scientific conferences have allowed for the presentation of achievements in the field of nutritional treatment by many centers in Poland and abroad. There were organized, in cooperation with CMKP, courses on parenteral and enteral nutrition in surgery.
Professor Szczygieł was the Head of the 3rd Surgical Clinic, which was renamed in 1974 for the Chair and Clinic of Gastroenterology and then in 1997 for the  Chair and Clinic of Gastroenterology and Nutrition

The Clinic's work has focused not only on the surgical assistance, but also on nutritional problems of the patients to a significant extent. There was appointed Nutrition team with: prof. Bruno Szczygieł, prof. Marek Pertkiewicz, MD, Włodzimierz Cebulski, MD Waldemar Pawłowski, MD, PhD. Maciej Słodkowski, lek. Andrzej Kos MD, dr Krystyna Majewska, anesthesiologist dr. Teresa Kort, and surgeon prof. Krzysztof Zieniewicz from the Chair and Clinic of General Surgery and Liver Diseases.

Dietary care included patients after extensive operations, postoperative complications, inflammatory bowel diseases. Parental feeding was also conducted at home. Prof. Marek Pertkiewicz - founder of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) took care of patients.

The parenteral home feeding trial was undertaken in 1983.

By the year 2000, clinic took care of 152 patients for home care treatment. For a long time, it was the only center in the country for parenteral nutrition. Professor Pertkiewicz has developed and implemented a safe model of parenteral nutrition.

In 1994, PZWL published a textbook about parental and enteral nutrition in surgery. His editor was prof. Bruno Szczygieł, co-authors of most chapters doctors of clinic staff - prof. Marek Pertkiewicz, prof. Wlodzimierz Cebulski and dr Krystyna Majewska.  In 1995 authors received a first-degree scientific degree scientific award  from the Minister of Health and Welfare.

On 10th January 2005 at the request of the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences WUM in the Clinical Hospital in commemoration of Professor Orłowski  Independent Clinical Nutrition Centre was founded. Its head was prof. Marek Pertkiewicz. The lab took over patients previously feeding in the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Clinic. Later, in 2006 the Laboratory was transformed into a Clinic of General Surgery and Clinical Nutrition. For many years the Clinic has been recognized as an important center of nutritional treatment in Poland.

Professor Pertkiewicz conducted comprehensive nutritional therapy for patients after extensive intestinal operations and postoperative gastrointestinal complications. Research studies were conducted in the Clinic. Professor Pertkiewicz proved the importance of nutritional treatment and significantly reduced hospitalization costs during its use. He elaborated roles of treatment of gastrointestinal fistulas in scientific base from 212 patients. At the conventions and in many publications he presented data from many of his own studies, as well as the results of the literature and on the basis of the developed guidelines feeding supply to patients.
There were a lot of educational courses: prof. Pertkiewicz and his team: Dr Ławiński, Dr Kaczanowska, Dr Majewska and Dr Omidi have been trying to give physicians the importance of nutritional treatment and the principle of keeping patients in need. Their aim was to implement clinical nutrition for daily hospital practice.
After the death of prof. Marek Pertkiewicz's leadership of the clinic was taken by dr hab. Jacek Sobocki, who continues the work and work of prof. Pertkiewicz.


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