Network of Intestinal Disorders Treatment Centers

Polish Network of Intestinal Failure Centers was set up on September 6th 2015. The reason for the establishment of this agreement was the necessity to enhance cooperation and coordination of mutual activities in order to improve qualifications and quality of treatment of patients suffering from acute and chronic intestines failure (IF). The current network includes:

1.Department of General Surgery and Clinical Nutrition WUM in Prof.Orłowski’s Hospital, Warsaw (Jacek Sobocki, MD, Assistant Professor)

2.Department of General and Oncological Surgery in Stanley Dudrik’s Hospital, Skawin (Stanisław Kłęk, MD, Assistant Professor)

3. Department of General Surgery in Pirogow’s Hospital, Łódź (Marek Kunecki, MD, PhD)

4. Department of Gastroenterology in Heliodor Święcicki’s Clinical Hospital, Poznań (Konrad Matysiak, MD, PhD)

5. I Chair and Clinic of General and Transplantation Surgery and Clinical Nutrition (Professor Sławomir Rudzki, MD, PhD)

6.Centre of Clinical Nutrition of District Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn (Krystyna Urbanowicz, MD, PhD)


Aims for creating the network:

Primary target

-       Mutual support and coordination of activities in order to improve the quality of treatment of patients suffering from intestines failure


Specific objectives – created on an ad hoc basis in order to achieve the primary target

-       Establishment of practice guidelines for patients with IF

-       guidelines for nutrition in patients with IF on account of malignant disease (criteria for inclusion, criteria for exclusion, criteria for training, criteria for readmission and referral to palliative care, choice of mixture)

-       The coordination of activities aimed at ensuring the continuity of health services for patients with IF

-       Conducting multicentre medical studies

-       Providing training programs for patients and the medical staff

-       Creating a Poland-wide database of nourished parenterally patients

-       International activity (conducting scientific research, organization of training, creating guidelines)

The criteria which must be met by a health centre seeking to join the network:


The centre which is a member of the network is at the same time the centre of the highest reference level (Centre of Excellence). It provides a treatment for all types of intestines failure, including treatment of short bowel syndrome, fistulae of gastrointestinal portal systems, failure in the course of malignant disease and functional disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract. It offers a possibility of nourishing patients parenterally in their homes, as allowed under the applicable laws in Poland, performing a therapeutic endoscopy and diagnostic imaging along with interventional radiology and surgical reconstruction of digestive tract and its walls. It possesses the required experience and it carries out the treatment of minimum 50 parenterally nourished patients at home. The centre is obliged to admit patients with IF and cannot refuse help in justified circumstances. If it is not able to admit a sick person in a short amount of time it contacts another member of the network and transfers the patient to another centre.