Student Scientific Society of Clinical Nutrition

Administrator/ protector of the science Club: Dr hab. n. med. Jacek Sobocki, mgr Karolina Lachowicz i mgr Zuzanna Zaczek.


chairwoman: Weronika Kamińska

Board members: 


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SKN Clinical Nutrition works at the Department of General Surgery and Clinical Nutrition SPSK im. Witold Orlowski. Our passion and area of interest is nutrition and clinical nutrition. The purpose of our meetings and activities is to gain and promote the knowledge of parenteral and enteral nutrition and the diet of various medical units.

            Activities of SKN include educational actions, participation in conferences and trainings, organization of meetings with scientific authorities or events related to nutrition and medicine. Among the achievements of SKN are: multiple participation in the science picnic of WUM for Inhabitans of Warsaw, organization of the series of meetings "Nutritionists in the world", annual educational camps in clinics specialized in clinical nutrition and conducting lectures
. We work with many organizations that share our interests and aim. SKN members have the opportunity to participate in surgical operations and research projects and work with patients of the Clinic. Our target is to make you aware of the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation between a doctors, nutritionist, physiotherapist, nurse and psychologist in the treatment process. That is why we cordially invite students of all medical fields to join SKN Clinical Nutrition.

On 27th april 2017 at the IX Warsaw Days of Science of Human Nutrition took place a Student Day. It was was co-organized by SKN Clinical Nutrition and SKN Dietetics. We can easily consider this event  as extremely successful! Participants in lectures of such specialists as Jacek Sobocki, MD, Piotr Albrecht, MD, or Dr. Alexander Kapala. At the coffee break, we could drink aromatic coffee and read the sponsors' offers at their stations. A nutritious and healthy dinner was provided by the Golden Sponsor - Catering Company Catering. Here are some photos from this event :)